Fodor, Andor

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FODOR, ANDOR (1884–1968), Israeli biochemist. Fodor was born in Budapest, Hungary, and in 1922 became professor of biochemistry at the University of Halle, Germany. In 1923, at the invitation of Chaim *Weizmann, he went to Palestine to establish a department of chemistry for the projected Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Before leaving Europe, he purchased the equipment and apparatus for this project, and himself supervised the actual building of the Institute of Chemistry on Mount Scopus. Fodor was the first professor appointed to the university, and held the chair of biochemistry and colloid chemistry for 28 years. Elected first dean of the faculty of science, he was responsible for training an entire generation of Israeli scientists. He did experimental research into protein structure and the action of enzymes, and was the author of Dispersoidchemie (1925) and Das Ferment-problem (1922, 1929).

[Samuel Aaron Miller]