Florus of Lyons°

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FLORUS OF LYONS ° (c. 860), successively secretary to the bishops *Agobard and *Amulo. Florus supplied no more than the literary material for the two bishops' anti-Jewish writings, which have often been wrongly attributed to him. However, he alone was responsible for two anti-Jewish compilations. The first, De coertione Iudaeorum ("On Forcing the Jews," c. 820), was in defense of Agobard, who was accused of using force in bringing Jewish children to baptism. The second, De fugiendis contagiis Iuaeorum ("On the Avoidance of Jewish Pollution," before 826), was included in a memorandum addressed to the emperor by Agobard and some of his colleagues.


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[Bernhard Blumenkranz]