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FEYGENBERG (Imri), RAKHEL (1885–1972), Yiddish and Hebrew author, translator, and journalist. Rakhel Feygenberg was born in Luban, Minsk Province, Belorussia. She wrote about Russian-Jewish life, notably in her books on the 1919 pogroms, A Pinkes fun a Toyter Shtot ("Record Book of a Dead Town," 1926); Oyf di Bregn fun Dnyester ("On the Shores of the Dniester," 1925). Her Shomer-influenced Di Kinder-Yohren (Dos Naye Leben, 1905; Warsaw, 1910) is an impressive achievement for a 20-year old. Her novel Tekhter ("Daughters") was serialized in Warsaw's Moment in 1913. She went to Palestine in 1924 for the first time, left in 1926, returned and settled in 1933, and under the name of Rakhel Imri came to write exclusively in Hebrew. A resident of Tel Aviv, she translated most of her Yiddish works into Hebrew, notably her magnum opus, Megilot Yehudey Rusya: 1905–1964 ("Scrolls of Russian Jewry: 1905–1964," 1965).


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[Leonard Prager (2nd ed.)]

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Feygenberg (Imri), Rakhel

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