Feuchtwang, David

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FEUCHTWANG, DAVID (1864–1936), rabbi and scholar. After studying in Vienna and Berlin, Feuchtwang succeeded his father Meir as rabbi in *Mikulov, Moravia, in 1892. In 1903 he became rabbi in Vienna and succeeded H.P. *Chajes as chief rabbi (1927). Feuchtwang contributed numerous articles to both Jewish and non-Jewish scholarly journals. Among his published work are Nachum im Lichte der Assyriologie (1888), Das Wasseropfer und die damit verbundenen Zeremonien (1911), Der Tierkreis in der Tradition und im synagogalen Ritus (1913), and Studien zum Buche Ruth (1925). He also wrote a study of the Hebrew tombstone inscriptions of Mikulov. Several volumes of his sermons and lectures were published.