Feigenbaum, Aryeh

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FEIGENBAUM, ARYEH (1885–1981), Israel ophthalmologist. Born in Lemberg, Feigenbaum trained in Vienna and emigrated to Ereẓ Israel in 1913. He became head of the eye department of the Straus Health Center, Jerusalem, and conducted a vigorous campaign against trachoma, serving hundreds of Arabs and Jews a day in his clinics. In 1914 he organized a trachoma conference, the first of its kind, in Palestine and wrote and published the report and recommendations.

From 1922 to 1954 Feigenbaum was head of the ophthalmological department of the Hadassah Hospital and in 1938 first chairman of the pre-faculty of medicine. He was a founder and editor of the first Hebrew medical journal Harefuah (1920) and of Acta Medica Orientalia (1942). In 1927 he wrote the first Hebrew textbook on ophthalmology, Ha-Ayin.


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