Eva of Liège, Bl.

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Recluse; b. c. 1210; d. after 1264. The only source for her life is the Vita Julianae (Acta Sanctorum April 1:433475), most of the information for which was contributed by Eva herself. Her influence and affluence indicate that she belonged to a family of high social standing. She was the intimate friend of juliana of liÈge and, doubtless encouraged by the latter, she embraced the life of the recluse in a cell attached to the church of St. Martin at Liège. The history of the origin of the Feast of corpus christi demonstrates her constant contact with outstanding theologians of the day. In 1264 she received from Pope urban iv, together with the bull Transiturus, a personal message and a copy of the Office of the feast composed by thomas aquinas. Her relics were elevated in the church of St. Martin at Liège in 1622 and her cult was approved by Pope leo xiii in 1902.

Feast: May 26; March 14 at Liège.

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