Elizabeth of Portugal, St.

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Queen, Franciscan tertiary; b. 1270 or 1271; d. Estremoz, July 4, 1336. Elizabeth (Isabella), daughter of Pedro III and Constance of Aragon, and grandniece of elizabeth of hungary, married King Dinis of Portugal in 1282. She bore his infidelity with loving patience, raised his illegitimate children as her own, and frequently intervened between him and their rebelling son, Alfonso. She devoted herself to the welfare of her subjects, especially the poor, and on several occasions averted war between the kings of Aragon and Castile. When widowed in 1325, she took the habit of the Franciscan Third Order and lived close to the poor clares in Coimbra. She died in Estremoz on her way to make peace between her son and her nephew, Alfonso XI of Castile. Urban VIII canonized her in 1625. Her iconography shows her in regal garb with a dove or olive branch.

Feast: July 4 (formerly July 8).

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Elizabeth of Portugal, St.

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Elizabeth of Portugal, St.