Eismann, Moses

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EISMANN, MOSES (1847–1893), Hebrew journalist. Born in Tivrov, he began his literary activity in 1870 with an article in Ha-Meliẓ, concerning government-appointed rabbis. In Bi-Fero'a Pera'ot be-Yisrael (1882), he argued that there was only one solution to the "Jewish Question" – the Jewish settlement of Palestine, which in the course of time would become the home of all the scattered Jews. This was also the subject of his pamphlet Inyanei ha-Yehudim: She'elat ha-Yeẓi'ah ("Concerning Jewish Affairs: the Emigration Question," Jerusalem, 1887). In 1890 he participated in the founding convention of Ḥovevei Zion in Odessa. He wrote Yiddish articles in Der Veker, edited by *Lilienblum, as well as in other publications. He also wrote articles in Russian under a pseudonym.

His brother, david eismann (1869–1922), wrote stories in Russian, published in seven volumes in 1911, dealing mainly with the Jewish intelligentsia, exposed to the cultural environment of Russian society.


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