Eisler, Mátyás

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EISLER, MÁTYÁS (1865–1931), Hungarian rabbi and scholar. Eisler was born in Paty, county of Pest, and was ordained at the rabbinical seminary of Budapest in 1891. He taught Hebrew at the Israelitische Lehrbildungsanstalt in 1890 and later at the University of Kolozsvar. He was chief rabbi of Kolozsvar from 1891 until his death. His scholarly interests included the history of the Jews of Transylvania and Hebrew linguistics, and among his works were Az erdelyi zsidok mult abol… ("From the Past of the Jews of Transylvania," 1901) and Agyökbeli hangok interdialektikus valtozasai az aram nyelvekben ("Interdialectal Changes of Root Sounds in the Aramaic Languages," 1889).


Magyar Zsidó Lexikon (1929), s.v.

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