Edmund the Martyr, King of East Anglia, St.

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Reigned 855 to 870; b. c. 841; d. November 20, 870. According to abbo of fleury, his first biographer (c. 987), Edmund was a virtuous king, who was defeated by the Danes. He delivered himself into captivity to save his people. He refused to forswear his faith and was shot with arrows and beheaded at or near Hoxne in Suffolk. Within 40 years he was considered a saint and martyr. In the reign of Athelstan his body was translated to the later bury-st.-edmunds. St. Edmund was one of the most widely venerated native saints in Anglo-Saxon England. More than 60 churches were dedicated to him. He is usually represented with crown and arrows and considered a patron against the plague.

The English Benedictines and the Dioceses of Birmingham, Northampton, and Westminster observe his feast on November 20.

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Edmund the Martyr, King of East Anglia, St.

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