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DUWAYK (Doweik ha-Cohen ), family of rabbis and authors in Aleppo, Syria. simeon ben samuel (first half of the 18th century) was the author of Rei'aḥ Sadeh (Constantinople, 1738). abraham (d. 1900) was an author and presided over the Jewish community of Aleppo for many years, until his dismissal in 1896. His wealthy brother saul (d. 1874 in Aleppo) wrote Emet me-Ereẓ (Jerusalem, 1910). jacob saul (d. 1919 in Aleppo) was acting chief rabbi of Aleppo beginning in 1906 and wrote Derekh Emunah (1914) and She'erit Ya'akov (1925), sermons. The family was also found in India, Calcutta and Bombay, and in the latter they had a certain influence on the *Bene Israel community.

[Haim J. Cohen]