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(SDS, Official Catholic Directory #1030), also known as the Salvatorian Sisters, a religious community with papal approbation, founded at Tivoli, outside Rome, Italy, in 1888. The founders were Franziskus Maria jor dan (also founder of the salvatorian fathers) and Baroness Theresia von Wüllenweber (later Mother Mary of the Apostles). Their purpose was to establish a missionary society to work in all parts of the world. In 1890 three sisters set out to begin a mission in India, and three years later others went to Ecuador. In 1894 the motherhouse was moved to Rome. Four sisters came to the United States in 1895 at the invitation of Archbishop Frederick Katzer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They took up nursing, caring for the sick and aged in their homes. As their numbers grew, the sisters were able to engage in other works and to conduct their own hospitals and schools. In the United States, the congregation is engaged in education, pastoral ministries, healthcare and care facilities for the aged. The United States provincial headquarters and novitiate are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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