Dines, Alberto

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DINES, ALBERTO (1932– ), Brazilian journalist, author, biographer, and script writer. Dines was born in Rio de Janeiro. After starting at the Jornal Israelita in 1952, he advanced his career in journalism (writing mainly on cinema and politics) in prestigious Brazilian publications, also lecturing on journalism at universities in Brazil, Portugal, and the United States. In 1988 he published the biography Morte no paraíso: A tragédia de Stefan Zweig. In 1988–94 he lived in Portugal, where he carried out research on the Inquisition, published as Vínculos de fogo: António José da Silva, o Judeu e outras histórias da Inquisição em Portugal e no Brasil (1992). In Lisbon he also wrote O baú de Abravanel. Uma crônica de sete séculos até Silvio Santos (1990). The title story of his book Posso? (1972) describes the positive encounter between a Jew and a Christian on Christmas Eve. In 1979 he published a second book of short stories, E por que não eu? In 1996 Dines established Observatório de Imprensa (http://observatoriodaimprensa.com.br), an internet site on media criticism. He is director of labjor (Journalism Advanced Studies Laboratory) at Campinas University.


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[Florinda Goldberg (2nd ed.)]