Cornill, Carl Heinrich°

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CORNILL, CARL HEINRICH ° (1854–1920), German Protestant Bible critic. Cornill taught at Marburg (1877–86), Koenigsberg (1888–98), Breslau (1898–1910), and Halle (1910–20). In 1880 Cornill published his first important work Jeremiah und seine Zeit, which became the basis of his commentary on the book of Jeremiah published in 1905. He also wrote a commentary on Ezekiel (1886). His account of Israel's prophets (Der israelitische Prophetismus, 1894, 192013; The Prophets of Israel, 1895) and history of Israel (Geschichte des Volkes Israel…, 1898; History of the People of Israel, 1898) were pioneering works in their day. Cornill is remembered principally for his Einleitung in das Alte Testament (1895, 19055; Introduction to the Canonical Books of the Old Testament, 1907), the first important critical introduction to the Bible based on the literary and historical approach of the J. *Wellhausen and K.H. *Graf school of biblical criticism.

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