Corbinian of Freising, St.

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Missionary bishop; b. Châtres, near Melun, France, 670; d. Obermais, Bavaria, Germany, Sept. 8, c. 725. He became a recluse at an early age, but soon his fame for sanctity spread, and several persons came to live near him for spiritual guidance. To escape these distractions, he went to Rome and lived as a hermit near the tomb of St. Peter. Pope Gregory II, hearing of his sanctity, consecrated him bishop and sent him to Bavaria. Duke Grimoald became his protector; but since the duke had contracted a marriage with his brother's widow Biltrudis without obtaining a dispensation, Corbinian upbraided the couple, and Grimoald repented. However, when Biltrudis conspired to have Corbinian murdered, he went into self-imposed exile. He returned to continue his missionary activities only after Grimoald had been killed in battle. When Corbinian died, he was buried in the monastery he had founded at Obermais; Arbeo, his second successor and biographer, brought his body to Freising in 769.

Feast: Sept. 8.

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