Cohn, Leopold

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COHN, LEOPOLD (1856–1915), classical and Hellenistic scholar. Cohn was born in Zempelburg, West Prussia, and taught at Breslau University, from 1892 as professor. From 1902 he was also librarian of the university's library, and for some time he lectured at the Breslau Theological Seminary as well. Apart from studies in Greek literature, grammar, and lexicography, Cohn wrote on Judeo-Hellenistic philosophy. Together with P. Wendland he prepared an authoritative edition of *Philo's writings Philonis Alexandrini Opera quae Supersunt (7 vols., 1896–1915), of which he was responsible for volumes 1 (1896), 4 (1902), 5 (1906), and 6 (1915), and for the introduction. Cohn was associated with a German translation of Philo (Die Werke Philos von Alexandria), editing the first three volumes (1909–19) and translating most of the fourth.


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