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CHÂTEAU-THIERRY (Heb. כרך טיירי), town in Northern France, E. of Paris. The medieval Jewish community occupied the present rue de la Loi. There was certainly a synagogue in Château-Thierry during the second period in which Jews resided there, from 1315 to 1321; in 1317 legal proceedings were initiated against Christian inhabitants who had forced their way into the community. After the expulsion in 1322, Jews from Château-Thierry are found in Barrois (*Bar-le-Duc). The local scholars included Samuel of *Evreux and the tosafists Isaac and his son Bonne-Vie. During World War ii the census of 1942 showed 14 Jews registered in Château-Thierry. Previously the *ort organization had established an agricultural school there.


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[Bernhard Blumenkranz]

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