Cavazzoni, Girolamo

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Renaissance organist and polyphonist; b. Urbino, Italy, c. 1520; d. Venice, 1560. He was a son of Marco Antonio Cavazzoni, godson of Cardinal Bembo, and pupil of Willaert. His fame rests today on his extensive volume of keyboard music, Intavolatura cioè Ricercari, Canzoni, Hinni, Magnificati (Venice 1542), comprising four ricercari, two canzone, twelve hymns, and settings of the odd-numbered verses of the Magnificat in tones I, IV, VI, and VIII. This was followed in 1543 by a similar work containing three organ Masses: Missa Apostolorum, Missa Dominicalis, and Missa de Beata Virgine. His collections contain many marks of originality. The ricercari received the Þrst polyphonic treatment of this form, and his two canzoni initiated a new distinct canzona literature for keyboard. In the Gloria and Credo settings of his Masses, the alternation plan is clearly regular; e.g., "Gloria" (celebrant), "Et in terra" (organ), "Laudamus Te" (choir), "Benedicimus Te" (organ), "Adoramus Te" (choir).


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