Castiglioni, Camillo

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CASTIGLIONI, CAMILLO (1879–1957), Austrian financier. Born in Trieste, the son of Ḥayyim (Vittorio) *Castiglioni, he began his business career as a tire salesman, worked for German and Austrian automobile and aircraft industries, and during World War i arranged for regular supplies to the army and air force. Taking advantage of the postwar inflation Castiglioni increased his interests in finance, industry, real estate, and publishing, until he headed an economic empire, which enabled him to found an art collection and to open a theater for Max Reinhardt in Vienna 1923. The depression of the mid-1920's led to the collapse of the Castiglioni empire and most of his assets, including a valuable art collection, were sold. He moved to Switzerland and later to Milan where he opened a small bank. After World War ii he was again successful and became one of the first Italians to establish contact with the new Yugoslav government. Always an art patron, Castiglioni contributed substantially to the formation of the Salzburg Mozarteum. Castiglioni converted to Christianity in 1912.


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