Caron, Redmond

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Irish Franciscan theologian, the first to publish a systematic course on missiology; b. near Athlone, West-meath, Ireland, c. 1605; d. Dublin, May 1666. He studied for the priesthood in Drogheda, Salzburg, and Louvain and then taught philosophy and theology in St. Anthony's College, Louvain. His mission (1649) as canonical visitor of the Irish Franciscan province was disastrous and his acts were annulled. Subsequently, he served in Ghent and Antwerp (165152), in Paris (1652), in Flanders as chaplain to Spanish troops (165354), again in Paris (165561), in Britain (166165), and, finally, in Dublin. Meanwhile, he cared for refugee Irish Poor Clares (1655). He supported the Remonstrance (1661), a formal statement of grievances and allegiance to King Charles II written by Anglo-Irish laymen and championed by Peter walsh, and in its defense wrote his Loyalty Asserted and Remonstrantia Hibernorum contra Lovanienses. In 1653 he published a manual of apologetics and another of missiology for regular clergy and, in 1659, a general work on missiology.

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