Campeggi, Camillo

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Theologian; b. Pavia or Piacenza, unknown date; d.1569. He joined the Dominicans, and after teaching theology he was inquisitor at Pavia, Ferrara, and Mantua. He was the Pope's theologian at the Council of Trent (156163), and became bishop of Nepi and Sutri in 1568. Besides his De mundi fallaciis (Venice 1562; Brescia 1563), a sermon he preached at the Council before 1561, he published only editions of texts: De porestate papae et concilii generalis (Rome 1563), Jean de Torquemada's sermon at the Council of Florence; and Tractatus de haereticis (Mantua 1567; Rome 1579) by Zanchino Ugolini (14th century). The treatise, De primatu romani pontificis contra Matthaeum Flacium Illyricum, which is doubtfully attributed to Campeggi, was published by J.T. Rocaberti in his Bibliotheca maxima pontificia, 7 (Rome 1696) 133264.

Bibliography: Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum 2.1:201202.

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