Callistus Angelicudes

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14th-century Palamite and mystical writer, probably identical with Angelicudes Melenikeotes, recognized as the founder of a monastery through a patriarchal seal of 1371. He is known in Byzantine literature also as Callistus Meliteniotes or Callistus Telicudes. A. Ehrhard attributed to the authorship of Meliteniotes 30 Logoi hesychastices paracleseos; and to Telicudes, a tract on the hesychastices tribes. The latter, however, seems to be merely an abbreviated section of the first-named treatise. Both works are apparently parts of a handbook of Hesychastic doctrine.

Bibliography: Kirche und theolgische Literatur im byzantinischen Reich 784. g. mercati, "Callisto Angelicudes Meliniceota," Bessarione 31 (1915) 7986, repr. in his Opere minori, v.3 (Studi e Testi 78; 1937) 415552.

[f. x. murphy]