Brithwald of Wilton, St.

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Abbot, bishop; d. April 22, 1045. Brithwald (Beorhtweald) became monk and then abbot of glastonbury, and was elected bishop of Wiltshire (or Ramsbury) in 995. Despite his long episcopacy, there is almost no direct information on his life and work. He was remembered as a generous benefactor to both malmesbury and Glastonbury, where he was buried, but is chiefly famous for a reputed vision in which was foretold the succession of Ethelred II's son, edward the confessor, to the dynasty of Canute. Under his successor Hereman, the See of Ramsbury was united with Sherborne, and in 1078 the seat was permanently established at Salisbury.

Feast: Jan. 22.

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Brithwald of Wilton, St.

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