Borsook, Henry

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BORSOOK, HENRY (1897–1984), U.S. biochemist. He was born in London. After working at the University of Toronto until 1929, Borsook went to the California Institute of Technology, becoming professor of biochemistry there in 1935. During World War ii he served on the War Production Board, the Committee on Nutrition in Industry of the National Research Council, the War Food Administration, and the Food and Nutrition Board. His contributions to scientific journals were concerned with nutrition, vitamins, amino acids, the biosynthesis of proteins, the thermodynamics, energetics, and kinetics of metabolic reactions, and erythropoiesis. He wrote VitaminsWhat They Are and How They Can Benefit You (1940); jointly with W. Huse, Vitamins For Health (1942); and Action Now on the World Food Problem (1968). Borsook was vice president of the American Association of Scientific Workers.


Food Technology, 12 (Sept. 1958), 18ff.

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