Borstal Boy

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Borstal Boy ★★½ 2000

Irish teen, IRA partisan, (and future writer) Brendan Behan (Hatosy) is caught smuggling dynamite into Britain and sent to reform school, known as a “borstal,” in East Ang-lia in 1939. Naturally, he learns that all Brits aren't the devil incarnate as he befriends gay Cockney sailor Charlie (Mill-wall) and falls in love with fair-but-tough Warden Joyce's (York) daughter, Liz (Birthistle). Inspired by Behan's 1958 memoirs. 91m/C VHS, DVD . IR GB Shawn Hato-sy, Danny Dyer, Eva Birthistle, Michael York, Lee Ingleby, Robin Laing; D: Peter Sheridan; W: Peter Sheridan, Nye Heron; C: Ciaran Tanham; M: Stephen McKeon.