Bordoni, Francesco

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Theologian, canonist, historian: b. Parma. April 25, 1595; d. Aug. 7, 1671. At the age of 15, Bordoni joined the Franciscan Third Order Regular. He studied philosophy and theology in the Studium Parmense, where he received the doctorate and taught theology for 20 years. He was chosen master of novices, prior, and provincial in the Province of Bologna; from 1653 to 1659, he governed the Order as minister general. His first literary production appeared in 1630, and from then until his death his writing was prolific. Forty-one printed works and almost as many unprinted works remain extant. The most important are Sacrum Septenarium lmmaculatae Conceptionis (Palermo 1644), Propugnaculum Opinionis Probabilis (Lyon 1666), De Miraculis (Parma 1703), Contraversiae Morales (Lyon 1665-66), Cronologium Fratrum et Sororum Tertii Ordinis S. Francisci (Parma 1658), and the Archivium Bullarum Tertii Ordinis (Parma 1658).

Bibliography: r. pazzelli, Il Terz'Ordine Regolare di S. Francesco (Rome 1958). f. o. mancini, Brevis historia gestorumP. Francisci Bordoni Parmensis (Parma 1703).

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