Bloomfield, Maurice

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BLOOMFIELD, MAURICE (1855–1928), U.S. expert in Sanskrit. Born in Austria, Bloomfield was taken to the U.S. as a child and received his higher education at the University of Chicago and at Yale, where he studied under the Sanskritist W.D. Whitney. Bloomfield concentrated on research in Vedic language and literature, and after further study at Berlin and Leipzig (1879–81) was appointed professor of Sanskrit and comparative linguistics at Johns Hopkins University. His major works are A Vedic Concordance (1906), and Vedic Variants (completed after his death by his student and colleague, Franklin Edgerton, and published 1930–34). Bloomfield was president of the American Oriental Society (1910–11).


Studies in Honor of Maurice Bloomfield (1920).

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Bloomfield, Maurice

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