Bing, Isaac ben Samuel

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BING, ISAAC BEN SAMUEL (17th century), scholar. Born in Jerusalem, he went to Europe after his sons had died in a plague, and during 1645–46 wandered from town to town in Poland. In 1646 he arranged for the printing in Lublin of the first part of the Maggid Meisharim of Joseph *Caro on the basis of an incomplete manuscript which he had brought with him. In 1654 he was still in Europe and, together with Elisha Ḥayyim b. Jacob Ashkenazi (father of Nathan of Gaza), who had brought the remainder of the manuscript from Jerusalem, published it in Venice (Friedberg, Eked ii 546 no. 471; but see Werblowsky, p. 25 and n. 5). Bing should not be confused with the Isaac b. Baruch Bing who lived in Safed during the first quarter of the 17th century.


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[Avraham Yaari]