Bibago (Bivach), Isaac

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BIBAGO (Bivach), ISAAC (d. 1489), physician in Huesca, Spain; brother of Abraham *Bibago. In the 1460s he and others of his circle helped to bring back to the faith Jews who had been forcibly converted to Christianity (see *Anusim). These included the wealthy Converso *Juan de Ciudad, who spent some time as a guest of the Bibago brothers in order to be instructed by them in the principles of Judaism. In 1489 the Inquisition uncovered the Huesca community's proselytizing activities, and Isaac was among the few suspects still living at the time. He was arrested and was condemned to be burned at the stake. However, as he accepted baptism he was strangled before his body was consigned to the pyre; his fellow prisoners were burned alive.


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