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BET(H)-MAON (Heb. בֵּית מָעוֹן).

(1) See *Baal-Meon.

(2) A locality ½ mi. (¾ km.) from Tiberias (Tell Māʿūn) where Josephus conferred with the men of Tiberias during the Jewish War in 66 c.e. (Life, 64, 67). In talmudic times Beth-Maon is frequently mentioned as a center of opposition to the Patriarchs residing in Tiberias and as a refuge for rabbis antagonistic to them (Gen. R. 80:1, 24; 31:2). The priestly family of Huppah settled there after the destruction of the Temple (ha-Kallir: Yashevah Eikhah). The sources mention a synagogue there (cf. tj Ta'an, 4:2, 68a).


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[Michael Avi-Yonah]