Begga, St.

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Widow, patron of beguines; d. Andenne, Dec. 17,693. She was the daughter of Pepin of Landen and St. iduberga, and the older sister of St. Gertrude of Nivelles. Begga married the nobleman Ansegis and was the mother of pepin the short. After becoming a widow, she founded (in 691692) a convent at Andenne, near Namur, Belgium. The first nuns came from Nivelles and introduced Irish monastic customs. Begga's remains are preserved at Andenne; her vita was written in the late eleventh century. She is invoked for the cure of hernias and of infants' diseases. Although she has been the patroness of the Beguines since the fourteenth century, she was not their foundress.

Feast: Dec. 17.

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[É. brouette]