Barukh She-Petarani

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BARUKH SHE-PETARANI (Heb. בָּרוּךְ שֶׁפְּטָרַנִי; "Blessed be He who has relieved me," i.e., from the responsibility for my son's conduct), benediction pronounced by the father at his son's *bar mitzvah (see: Isserles, to Sh. Ar., oh 225:1; Maim. Yad, Teshuvah, 6:1). This benediction is based upon the Midrash: R. Eleazar said, "A man is bound to occupy himself with his son until the age of 13, thereafter he should say: Blessed be He who has released me from the responsibility (literally 'punishment') for my son's conduct" (Gen. R. 63:10), because from now on the boy assumed responsibility for his actions as a member of the community. At bar mitzvah ceremonies in Reform congregations, the She-Heḥeyanu blessing has been substituted for Barukh she-Petarani since they objected to the idea that parents are accountable for the religious transgressions of their offspring. In Yiddish barukh she-petarani became a familiar expression after getting rid of any annoying thing or person.

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Barukh She-Petarani

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