Assumption, Sisters of the

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A congregation whose full title is Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (SASV; OCD #0150). It was founded in 1853 by Rev. J. Harper, pastor of Saint-Grégoire, Quebec, Canada, to provide teachers for his school. The community was canonically erected as a diocesan institute in 1856, received the decree of praise from the Holy See in 1923, and became a pontifical institute in 1944, with final approbation of the constitutions in 1957. The motherhouse and novitiate were

transferred to Nicolet, Quebec, in 1872. A foundation in Western Canada and one in the U. S. at Southbridge, Mass., were made in 1891. Missions were begun in Japan in 1934 and in Brazil in 1956.

The Sisters of the Assumption are engaged in a diverse range of ministries, including education, parish administration, religious education, campus ministries, retreat and spiritual direction, chaplains, and caregivers. In addition to Canada and the United States, communities have also been established in Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, and Japan.

[a. o. baillargeon/eds.]