Askenasy, Paul

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ASKENASY, PAUL (1869–1934), German chemist and pioneer in the field of electrochemistry. Born in Breslau, Askenasy became professor of electrochemistry at the Technische Hochschule in Karlsruhe and an editor of the Zeitschrift fuer Elektrochemie. He took out some 50 patents, dealing with electrodes, industrial chemicals, and photographic materials. He also published papers in scientific and technical journals, dealing with electric furnaces, the production of potassium permanganate and of aluminum, arsenic acid, the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by barium oxide and carbon, titanium, the oxidation of toluene, etc. His Einfuehrung in die technische Elektrochemie (2 vols., 1910–16) became a standard work.

[Samuel Aaron Miller]