Arnulf of Metz, St.

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Bishop; b. near Nancy, France, c. 582; d. Remiremont (Habendum ), July 18, c. 641. A member of a prominent Austrasian family, Arnulf was reared at the court of Metz and entered the administration of King Theodebert II (d. 612), possibly as mayor of the palace. He was the father of two sons, Ansegis (Ansegisellus; d. c. 685) and (St.) chlodulf (Cloud), the first of whom married (St.) begga, the daughter of (Bl.) Pepin of Landen (d. 640), and became the father of Pepin of Heristal (d. 714). Arnulf was thus the progenitor of the carolingian dynasty. The second son, Chlodulf, became his father's third successor in the See of Metz. After the fall of Brunhilde in 613, Arnulf assisted Pepin of Landen in reuniting the Frankish kingdoms; the following year his wife entered a convent in Trier, and Arnulf, still a layman, was promoted to the bishopric of Metz. He took part in the synods of Clichy (62627) and Reims (62730), and after serving both church and state for 15 years, he retired with his friend (St.) Romaric (d. 653) to the solitude of Habendum (remiremont), where he passed his remaining years. His successor, Abbo (d. 642), brought Arnulf's relics back to Metz.

Feast: July 18.

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