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ARNSTADT , city in Thuringia, Germany. The Jews living in Arnstadt in the middle of the 13th century had close ties with the Jews of *Erfurt, to which many of them later migrated. Four anti-Jewish outbreaks between 1264 and 1466 resulted in massacres, and following the last the Jews were expelled from Arnstadt. A Jewish community was reestablished in the 19th century. It numbered 59 in 1880, 137 in 1910, 87 in 1933, and 39 in 1939. Before the rise of Nazism, most of the Jews living in Arnstadt were prosperous, their main occupations being cattle-dealing and banking. The synagogue, built in 1913, was burned down by the Nazis on Nov. 10, 1938. The Jews still in the city in 1942 were sent to the death camps of the east. The community was not reconstituted after World War ii.


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