Arbogast of Strasbourg, St.

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Bishop; b. probably Aquitaine; d. near Strasbourg, mid-sixth century. It was his original intention to live as a hermit, and to that end he settled in a forest in Alsace. According to a later tradition, he was made bishop of Strasbourg c. 673 through the influence of King dagobert ii, who seems to have been his patron. As bishop, Arbogast was known for his simplicity and humility, and before his death he asked to be buried in a cemetery where only criminals had previously been interred. In the eleventh century a magnificent church was erected on the site, but it was destroyed in the sixteenth century and the relics of the saint were lost. He is the patron of the Diocese of Strasbourg. It should be noted that the ancient episcopal catalogues of the diocese, as well as inscriptions on parts of the cathedral built in the sixth century, assign his episcopate to c. 550. In art he is represented as walking dry-shod over a river.

Feast: July 21.

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