Arbiol y Diez, Antonio

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Franciscan spiritual writer; b. Torellas (Spain), 1651; d. Saragossa, Jan. 31, 1726. Arbiol, who entered the Franciscans at Saragossa, was a brilliant teacher of philosophy and of theology, a celebrated preacher, and a prolific writer. He held various offices within as well as outside the order. In 1720 Philip V offered him the bishopric of Ciudad Rodrigo, but he refused. He died with a reputation for holiness. His writings are in the fields of theology, homiletics, asceticism, and mysticism. He defended the Ven. Mary of agreda, but was a strenuous adversary of the alumbrados and of Miguel de molinos. The list of his published works includes 33 items, some of which had as many as 10 editions, e.g., Desengaños misticos (Saragossa 1706), Novenarios espirituales (published posthumously, Saragossa 1928), and La familia regulada (Saragossa 1715). Other works worth mentioning are: Manuale sacerdotum (Saragossa 1693), Certamen Marianum Parisiense (Saragossa 1698), and Mistica Fundamental (Saragossa 1723). Some of his works, such as Contra insanias de Molinos, have never been edited. His mystical theology was inspired by SS. bonaventure, teresa of avila, and especially john of the cross.

Bibliography: j. heerinckx, "Les Écrits d'Antoine Arbiol, O.F.M.," Archivum Franciscanum historicum 26 (1933) 315342; Dictionnaire de spiritualité ascétique et mystique. Doctrine et histoire, ed. m. viller et al. (Paris 1932) 1:834836.

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