Araújo, Francisco de

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Dominican bishop and theologian; b. Vérin, Spain, 1580; d. Madrid, March 19, 1664. Born of a noble family, he entered the Order of Friars Preachers at Salamanca and was professed in 1601. He taught in various houses of the order, including that of Burgos until 1617, when he became assistant to Pedro de Herrera at the University of Salamanca. In 1623 he succeeded Herrera in the chair of moral theology, a position that he held for 25 years. In 1648 he was consecrated bishop of Segovia, and he governed the see until 1656, when he retired to a Dominican house in Madrid. His writings include Commentarii in universam Aristotelis metaphysicam (2 v. Burgos 1617; Salamanca 1631); Opuscula tripartita (Douai 1633); Commentarii in primam, secundam et tertiam partem d. Thomae (7 v. Salamanca 163547); and Variae et selectae decisiones morales ad statum ecclesiasticum et civilem pertinentes (Lyons 1664).

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