Antoine, Paul Gabriel

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Jesuit theologian; b. Lunéville, Lorraine, Jan. 10, 1678; d. Pont-à-Mousson, Jan. 22, 1743. He entered the Jesuits on Oct. 9, 1693, and after his studies he taught humanities for several years. He became professor of philosophy at Pont-à-Mousson and then professor of theology. Eventually he became rector of the college there.

His Theologia universa, speculativa et dogmatica, published in 1723, immediately established his reputation

as one of the foremost theologians of his time and went through nine editions during his lifetime and ten editions after his death. His Theologia moralis universa (1726) brought him even greater acclaim and was published in 60 editions in different countries. In the judgment of St. Alphonsus Liguori and also of Jean Pierre Gury, Antoine's doctrine was overly severe, but its excellence as a textbook in moral theology recommended its wide use. The Roman edition of 1746, published with several additions by Philip Carbognano, was prescribed by Benedict XIV for use by the students of the College of Propaganda and was widely encouraged also by many bishops in France and Italy.

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