Anianus and Marinus, Ss.

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Hermits of the seventh century. Anianus, a deacon, and Marinus, a bishop, established themselves as hermits at Wilparting in the Bavarian Alps. They were of either Irish or West Frankish origin, and their vita (in two manuscripts, twelfth and fifteenth centuries) goes back to the work of Bp. Arbeo of Freising (eighth century). They were martyred by a band of Vandals or Wends and their cult, which is still active, derives historical support from an entry in the Sacramentary of Emperor Henry II, the patron of Rott (on the Inn River) in the twelfth century. Discoveries in the eighteenth century settled the dispute between Rott and Wilparting over who had the relics of the saints in favor of Wilparting.

Feast: Nov. 15.

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