Anholt, Christien 1971-

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Anholt, Christien 1971-


Full name, Christien Alexis Anholt; born February 25 (some sources cite February 12), 1971, in London, England; son of Tony (an actor) and Sheila (a teacher) Willet; married Carly, c. 2002.


Agent—Marc Bass Agency, Inc., 9255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 727, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Manager—Covington International, 4237 Morro Dr., Woodland Hills, CA 91364.



Awards, Honors:

Cannes International Film Festival Award nomination, best actor, 1989, and Premio Internazionale Efebo d'oro (Gold Efebo Prize), best actor, 1990, both for Reunion; Geneva Film Festival Award nomination, best actor, 1997, for The Harpist; some sources cite an Emmy Award nomination, outstanding supporting actor, 1992, for "One against the Wind," Hallmark Hall of Fame.


Film Appearances:

Hans Strauss as a young man, Reunion (also known as Der Wiedergefundene Freund and L'ami retrouve), Castle Hill Productions, 1989.

Marcellus, Hamlet, Warner Bros., 1990.

Date at dinner, The Power of One (also known as La puissance de l'ange), Warner Bros., 1992.

Ferdinand, The Harpist (also known as Die Harfenspielerin), Nil Film Art & Entertainment, 1997.

Peter Emery, Preaching to the Perverted (also known as Preaching, Clube do fetiche, and Spankworld—The Movie, en film som svider), First Look International/Entertainment, 1997.

Nelson, Appetite, New City Releasing, 1998.

David Hamilton, Dark Corners, Shoreline Entertainment, 2006.

Higgins, Flyboys, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Nigel Bailey, Relic Hunter (also known as Relic Hunter—Die Schatzjagerin and Sydney Fox l'aventuriere), syndicated, 1999-2002.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Paul Vandervent, The Blackheath Poisonings, Central Independent Television, 1992, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1993.

Ben Rogers, The Waiting Time, Independent Television (England), 1999.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Maurice Lindell (Mary's son), "One against the Wind" (also known as "The Story of Mary Lindell"), Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 1991.

Gary Warrell, Money for Nothing, broadcast on Screen One, BBC, 1993, also broadcast on Arts and Entertainment, 1994.

Seventeen (short), [Great Britain], 1994.

Tom Gradgrind, Hard Times, BBC, 1994, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre (also known as ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre and Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, 1995.

Robert Langley V, The Ruby Ring, Showtime, 1997.

Derek, Nightworld: 30 Years to Life (also known as 30 Years to Life), UPN, 1998.

Eon, Ben 10: Race against Time (also known as Ben 10 and the Hands of Armageddon), Cartoon Network, 2007.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Himself, The Making of "Relic Hunter II," 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Private Perkins, "The Curse of Fenric: Parts 1, 2 & 3," Doctor Who (also known as Dr. Who), BBC, 1989.

Donald Cooper (clown), "The Last Word: Parts 1 & 2," Press Gang, Central Television, 1991.

Jude, "Humpty Dumpty," Casualty, BBC, 1991.

Adrian, "Runner," The 10 Percenters (also known as The 10%ers), Independent Television (England), 1996.

Meriet Ashby (some sources cite name as Meriet Aspley), "The Devil's Novice," Cadfael (also known as Cadfael, Series Two and Cadfael 2), Central Independent Television, 1996, broadcast on Mystery! (also known as Mystery!: Cadfael), PBS, 1997.

Paul, "Spooked," Felicity, The WB, 1998.

Brother John Worth, "Angel of St. Edmunds," Adventure, Inc. (also known as Aventure et associes), syndicated, 2003.

Brother John Worth, "The Last Crusader of San Giovanni," Adventure, Inc. (also known as Aventure et associes), syndicated, 2003.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Terry O'Neil, Class of '61, ABC, 1993.

Stage Appearances:

Leonard "Len" Lands as a young man and Jeremy, Another Time, Wyndham's Theatre, London, beginning 1989.

Lamb, The Hothouse, Chichester Festival Theatre, Minerva Studio, Chichester, England, 1995, and Comedy Theatre, London, beginning 1995.

Appeared in other productions, including In Praise of Love (also known as After Lydia), London; and The Lion in Winter.



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