Angel, Baruch

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ANGEL, BARUCH (1595–1670), talmudist, preacher, and kabbalist of Salonika. Angel, head of the Talmud Torah Yeshivah, was one of the outstanding scholars of his age. His disciples included David *Conforte, Solomon b. Samuel Florentin, and Isaac Florentin. In 1651 he was one of the seven foremost scholars of the city. He signed a regulation dealing with a tax on clothing. He was invited to accept the appointment of rabbi of Smyrna but refused, because he was unwilling to encroach upon the domain of the incumbent rabbi. His published works are Ḥiddushei ha-Rav Barukh Angel (Salonika, 1716), on selected chapters of various tractates, and responsa (ibid.). His glosses to the Shulḥan Arukh, Ḥoshen Mishpat, are included in the Doresh Mishpat (Salonika, 1650) of his disciple, Solomon Florentin. A work on the tractates Ketubbot and Shevu'ot exists in manuscript form at the Israel National Library.


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