Anastasius IV, Pope

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Pontificate: July 12, 1153, to Dec. 3, 1154; b. Conrad de Suburra, Rome. As cardinal bishop of Sabina (named probably 1126), he actively supported the election of Innocent II in 1130 and served as his vicar in Rome when that pope was absent in France. Already old and experienced, he was elected pope without opposition on the day of Eugene III's death and consecrated on July 12, 1153. Anastasius was charitable to the Romans during famine, and he built a papal residence near the Pantheon. During his pontificate, william fitzherbert was reinstated and Sweden began to pay peter's pence. When his legate to Germany failed to settle the matter of Frederick I Barbarossa's translation of wichmann from Naumburg to the See of Magdeburg, a move already denounced by Eugene, Anastasius accepted Wichmann and bestowed the pallium on him in Rome. He was criticized for his overly compliant attitude.

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