Alford, Michael

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Jesuit historian; b. London, 1587; d. SaintOmer, Flanders, Aug. 11, 1652. After a novitiate begun at Louvain (1607), and after the usual course of philosophy in the English College, Seville, and theology at Louvain, during which he was ordained, Alford (originally Griffith), spent two years among the English at Naples. For five years (161520) he was English penitentiary at St. Peter's, Rome. He was socius to the master of novices at Liège (1620) and later rector of the tertians at Ghent before going to England in the winter of 162829. Upon landing, he was mistaken for Richard Smith, Bishop of Chalcedon, and arrested, but he was released at the intervention of Queen Henrietta Maria. Alford worked in Leicestershire and Herefordshire, becoming superior of the residence of St. Anne in 1636. He spent his leisure mainly in historical studies and writing, and retired to SaintOmer in 1652 to finish his threevolume Fides Regia Britannica sive Annales Ecclesiae Britannicae (Liège 1663). He wrote also a life of St. Winefride (1635) and Britannia Illustrata (1641).

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