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ALCORSONO (אלכרסאני, כרסאנו, כראסאנו), JUDAH BEN JOSEPH (14th century), Moroccan theological scholar. For unknown reasons he was put in prison where he wrote Aron ha-Edut ("Ark of Testimony") on such subjects as Ma'aseh Bereshit and Ma'aseh Merkavah, the story of the Garden of Eden, providence, prophecy, and Satan's dispute with God (Job, chs. 1 and 2). The work is divided into 22 chapters corresponding to the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Manuscripts of the work are preserved in several libraries; one has been annotated by Moses *Ḥagiz. In Saadiah b. Maimun *Ibn Danan'sMa'amar al Seder ha-Dorot, Alcorsono is mentioned as an astrologer (Z.H. Edelman (ed.), Ḥemdah Genuzah, (1855), 30).


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