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Terengganu or Trengganu (both: trəng-gä´nōō, trĕng–), state (1991 pop. 808,556), c.5,000 sq mi (12,950 sq km), Malaysia, central Malay Peninsula, on the South China Sea. The capital is Kuala Terengganu. Rice, coconuts, and rubber are grown, and fish are caught. The population is mainly Malay. Before the 19th cent. Terengganu was the vassal state of the powers that in turn dominated the Malay Peninsula. The influence of Siam upon Terengganu grew during the 19th cent., although the sultan of Terengganu maintained his independence. According to the terms of the Anglo-Siamese treaty of 1909, Terengganu became a British protectorate. Until the establishment of the Federation of Malaya (1948), it was classed as one of the Unfederated Malay States. See Malaysia.