Kondylis, George

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George Kondylis (kônŧħē´lĬs), 1879–1936, Greek general and statesman. He fought in the Balkan Wars and at Salonica in World War I. Entering politics in the turbulent postwar years, he served (1924–25) as minister of war and of the interior in the republican government. He overthrew the dictatorship of General Pangalos in 1926 and served briefly as premier. After 1933 he suddenly switched to the royalist camp. As minister of war (1932–35) under Panayoti Tsaldaris, he suppressed (1935) the Cretan uprising in favor of Eleutherios Venizelos; in Oct., 1935, he ousted Tsaldaris in a coup, became premier in his place, and induced the parliament to recall King George II, who, however, soon dismissed him.