Esslingen am Neckar

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Esslingen am Neckar (ĕs´lĬng-ən äm nĕk´är) or Esslingen, city (1994 pop. 91,390), Baden-Württemberg, SW Germany, on the Neckar River. Manufactures include machinery, electrical products, textiles, and leather goods. It is particularly noted for its fruits and wines. Founded in the 8th cent., Esslingen was a free imperial city from the 13th cent. to 1802, when it passed to Württemberg. It was (1488) the scene of the founding of the Great Swabian League. Noteworthy structures include a castle (13th–16th cent.) and a Gothic church, the Frauenkirche (14th–16th cent.). Manufactures include textiles and beer. The town is a year-round tourist resort.