Endara Galimany, Guillermo David

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Guillermo David Endara Galimany, 1936–2009, Panamanian political leader. A lawyer and supporter of Arnulfo Arias, he served in the national assembly and was (1968) minister of planning and economic policy during Arias's brief last term; he later joined the ousted president in exile, returning to Panama in 1978. In May, 1989, backed by a coalition opposed to strongman General Noriega, Endara was elected president, but Noriega refused to recognize the vote. Endara was beaten by thugs in Noriega's wave of repression, which ulitimately led (Dec., 1989) to a U.S. invasion, Noriega's ouster, and Endara's swearing in. Endara worked during his five years in office to revive the economy and revamp the security forces, and was confronted with ongoing unrest as a result of the invasion. He ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 2004 and 2009.